HTC Magic Adds a Plus Sign, Gets Sense

Magic+Almost exactly a month ago the HTC Magic, by way of Rogers up there in good ol’ Canada, let you download an update. It packed some goodies in there, like HTC’s much appreciated and desired Sense User Interface. For most people, that would be good enough. Call it a day, even. But it looks like Rogers wants to make sure that customers still looking for a smartphone know that the current generation of Magic isn’t like the previous version. They want to achieve this so badly, in fact, that they are changing the name of the device. Apparently, the industry has a thing about one version of ‘plus’ or another. So now, Roger’s HTC Magic will forever be known as the Magic+. It’s got a ring to it, doesn’t it? The only real difference seems to be the addition of Sense, and multitouch. No, it won’t get you 2.1 right now, but for $79.99, waiting until the middle of the year to upgrade that software isn’t that bad, right?

via MobileSyrup

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