Moment gets updated, still not 2.1

Samsumg MomentIt’s been just over a month since Sprint and Samsung issued a standard maintenance fix for the Samsung Moment, but apparently the companies figured there were still some people out there who hadn’t gone into a store and finished the deed. Thankfully, they’ve gone ahead and made it a bit easier for those who were waiting for another option. No, this isn’t technically a “new” update, and probably the majority of folks out there already have it. But options are never a bad thing. Hopefully people didn’t assume this was the 2.1 update, though. That’s still at least a few days off, so hold your horses. The maintenance fix is meant to improve battery life, GPS (to locate you better indoors), as well as change the emergency dial on the lock screen, among a few other tidbits. Again, nothing major or groundbreaking. For complete instructions on how to update, go here.

via Android Central

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