Motorola clarifies 2.1 update plans

DroidNow, Motorola might have slipped up when they told DROID users that their coveted update to Android 2.1 would start rolling out to devices this week, but we’re not trying to point any fingers here. Even if, after the announcement, details started pouring out regarding what DROID users would (and wouldn’t) be getting with the update, we’ll go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt. It helps their case that they’ve done the right thing, and released a little chart regarding the roll-out details of 2.1.

Probably the best news, is that the DROID’s update is coming some time soon. Sure, Motorola doesn’t go out of their way to inform users as to when soon is, but at least it doesn’t say Q2 2010, like it does for those lucky enough to own a CLIQ. The chart goes on to say that updates are also coming for the Milestone and Dext, but that shouldn’t be too surprising. Though, if you’re in the Latin America or Asia-Pacific region, you’ve definitely got some time to wait for that glorious update. If you haven’t started holding your breath in anticipation yet, you probably shouldn’t any time soon, either.

Via Motorola by way of Android Central

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