MyTouch 3G 1.2 Shipping With Swype


While T-mobile has been getting ready for the new MyTouch 3G 1.2 (just a MT3G with a little more RAM and a 3.5mm jack), by doing things like lowering the price of the original MyTouch to $99, more and more news keeps coming to the surface about this mysterious device. This particular tid-bit happens to be of the Swype variety (you know, that crazy new keyboard input method). Tmonews has gotten a tip from one of their ninjas that the MyTouch 1.2 will be shipping with Swype as the default keyboard. I don’t really know what would prompt this decision (other than the fact that Swype is AMAZING), but it may be the start of a virtual keyboard revolution. If you haven’t seen Swype in action yet head over to our article where you can find it live in action on a G1. Viva la innovative software revolucion!

Via Tmonews

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