N1: Multi-colored trackball and custom Live Wallpapers

I don’t follow the cooking community closely enough to know about every ROM that’s released, and definitely not closely enough to know about each hack included, but I stumbled across a couple of things today that I thought were worth mentioning. One is the video after the break, which features a Nexus One with some hacked-in settings that allow the user to change the colors of their Live Wallpaper and trackball notifications. The other is a tweet by @WootRoot that went up about an hour before this posting:

Expect something epic in 3-4 business days – thats all i can say (follow @cyanogen, @kmobs, @chrissoyars and i for more details soon)

The tweet comes after – and apparently in reference to – the video, in which WootRoot says “hopefully this will come to CyanogenMod soon.”

Sounds juicy, right? It’s been a long time since I was anywhere near being in the hacking/modding loop, but I’ve got this rooted N1 now, and I’m not sure I can just let things be.

Via WootRoot

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