New Verizon Wireless inventory screenshot shows HTC Incredible

HTC Incredible 2You remember what the HTC Incredible is, right? We know, we know, there’s been a few other phones announced between then and now, but hey, you can’t pass up another Sense UI device running Android 2.1. Right? Right. So, let’s get into the meat and bones of this, shall we? According to this recent screen grab of Verizon Wireless’ inventory system, you can clearly see the HTC INC as being listed there. We’re playing a bit of a guessing game here, but we’ll go ahead and agree with the consensus that this is going to be the Incredible. And right above that is the launch kit, so rumors are stating that this means the Incredible could be seeing store shelves pretty soon. Considering the Nexus One is still heading to Verizon, we’re actually not surprised that a device of the same quality, but with Sense UI will be making an appearance as well. Sound familiar, AT&T? No word on release date, of course, or pricing, but as soon as we hear something, we’ll pass on the information. Stay tuned.

via Android Central thanks to Berry Scoop

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