Opera 10 still planned for Android

OperaLast year, we heard about Opera 10, and how it was planned that it would make its way to the Android mobile Operating System. Well, that hasn’t happened quite yet, but if you were looking forward to using a new browser, don’t be discouraged. It’s still happening, apparently. According to Opera, they’ve just been working directly with OEMs, trying to get Opera 10 pre-installed on devices even before they ship. Thanks to the guys at MobileCrunch, we’re hearing word from Phillip Grønvold, a product analyst for Opera, that Opera is working diligently with several large phone manufacturers who have invested a lot in the little green android. While they were shy in saying any names, both the HTC Hero and Nexus One were showcased in a demo of the platform, so, you know, you probably don’t need to stretch the imagination too much. So, while it may be a little late for some consumer’s tastes, at least it’s still coming. But, let us know what you think about the browser being pre-loaded on devices in the future, if this really happens.

via Android and Me courtesy of MobileCrunch

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