Rumor: February 22nd Marks 2.1 upgrade for Samsung Moment

Samsumg MomentEverybody loves a good rumor, and one as juicy as this should definitely start whetting the appetite. Especially if you’re one of those out there who went into a Sprint store and turned down the Hero in favor of Samsung’s physical keyboard-toting Moment. While we’d love to say that there’s more to this story than just the simple rumor mill round-up, we can’t. As it currently stands, neither Samsung or Sprint are officially commenting on the rumor. And while it was previously believed it’d be 2.0 gracing the Moment, it seems they’re skipping ahead (much like the Hero). A bit of bad news though: you’ll have to go into a Sprint store to get the update, so no over-the-air (OTA) goodness for you. Stay tuned, as we’ll update accordingly when we get any more information.

Via Android Central

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