Rumor: Samsung Galaxy staying at 1.5

Samsung GalaxyPatience is a virtue. Sometimes. There’s quite a few handsets out there waiting to get their fair share of the Android 2.1 goodness. Some of them, like the HTC Hero (European version) will be seeing that update in March. Others, like the Sprint version, will have to wait a bit longer. But all of that pales in comparison to this latest rumor, slipped out of Mobile World Congress from the folks over at The UnWired. According to their sources, it looks like Samsung’s first Android device isn’t going to get the coveted 2.1 upgrade. In fact, the Galaxy may not be seeing any updates at all. Shocking, right? Especially considering the Moment, another Android device from Samsung, is rumored to be receiving its update come February 22nd. As the title states, this is just a rumor; no one has been able to confirm this, and believe us, there’s plenty of people trying.

via Phandroid courtesy of The UnWired

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