Rumor: X10 headed to AT&T pretty soon

SE X10There’s enough information, video, pictures, and rumors swirling around Sony Ericsson’s X10 that it’s hard to keep track. Luckily this little tidbit of information didn’t slip through the cracks. We wouldn’t want you to miss a rumor as good as this. If you’re on AT&T and are craving some Android, you might be getting your wish as soon as April or May, if this rumor is accurate.

The X10, which debuts SE’s Rachael UI, is a powerhouse device: it’s coming with a 4-inch screen, a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 8.1MP camera, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The rumor also says that the X10 will be prepared to fly off shelves for $199, and dive into your pocket. But wait, there’s one little caveat that we feel like we should mention. If the X10 does launch on AT&T, it’s going to be coupled with Android 1.6, and not 2.1 (or even 2.0). Sony Ericsson has said they are going to deliver an update in the future, so if that eases your soul, then stay excited. But then again, there are other options.

via Boy Genius Report

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