Sony Ericsson said no when it came to building Nexus One

Sony EricssonThis may be the craziest thing we’ve heard all day, but maybe you’ve had a busier day than us, so you might not be that shocked. It looks like Sony Ericsson was approached by Google at some point, before they went to HTC, to build what we all know today as the Nexus One. And obviously you know the outcome of those talks. They turned it down. Strange, right? Sure, Sony Ericsson has probably had their Rachael-based X10 in the works for some time, but come on. This would have been a great way for Sony Ericsson to show off to the world that they’re not going anywhere. Considering Google was offering to not only market your phone, but also distribute it through their own store, this seems like a strange deal to make. According to Bert Nordberg, head of SE, Sony Ericsson is committed to manufacturing their own-branded devices, and have no plans to become a subcontractor any time soon. That’s all well and good, but we’re going to go ahead and say that SE probably needed this. After all, the X10 has great hardware, but the dated software is a real let down for most people. But, what do we know, right?

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