Telus acquires first Milestone, courtesy of Motorola

Telus MilestoneThe Droid made quite an impact here in the States, and people across the pond gobbled up their own when the Milestone hit their neck of the woods. This all had a lot to do with the devices being the first to launch with Android 2.0, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And now the Milestone has reached our neighbors to the North, setting up shop in Canada’s largest HSPA+ carrier, better known as Telus. The network has boasted that their network can reach speeds up to 21.6 Mbps, but unfortunately the Milestone will only get you roughly 4-6 Mbps in the download, and 2-4 Mbps for the upload. That’s nothing to scoff at, though. If you’re under Telus’ net and want to pick up the Milestone, be ready to drop $199 for a three-year contract. If you want to buy the device out right, that’ll cost you a cool $599. And, for all you AT&T fans out there, don’t forget that this means you can pick up a full-priced Telus Milestone, and start surfing on your own 3G network down here. Don’t expect the same speeds, though. Any AT&T customers out there going to pick this up?

via Android and Me courtesy of Telus

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