The DroidDog Daily 2/23/2010


While we here at DroidDog strive to bring you all the latest Android news hot off the presses, sometimes that just isn’t possible. With that in mind, I bring to you the DroidDog Daily, a collection of all the news, leaks, and rumors we may have missed. Here’s what’s going on:

“Hands on: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 review”
TechRadar spends some hands on time with an Xperia X10. Via TechRadar

“Using Gmail as your own personal push mail server”
If this is something you have been interested in doing, then Android Central has just the tutorial you need. Via Android Central

“Nexus One gets a little overzealous in dialing department”

Word has it that overseas Nexus One answers are having troubles with voice-mail and emergency numbers. Uh-oh. Via IntoMobile

“WeFi Brings Wi-Fi To Android Apps Through New API”
A company called WeFi has released a new feature Android developers can put into apps that will automatically make you connect to a better connection (an open wifi network) to ensure app quality (concerning the data speed aspect). Via Phandroid

“Hands on the DELLicious monster phone”
The title says it all with this one. Can you actually imagine making calls on this thing everyday? Hmm… Via Android and Me

“A More Awesome (But Maybe Creepier!) Way to Facebook Friend That Girl You’re Talking To With Augmented Reality”
OK, so you have to be registered with the service for this to work… but still… By using facial recognition technology you can take a picture of someone and see what social networking sites they are connected with. If more and more people used this service… scanning strangers would definitely be creepy. Via Gizmodo

“Dolly Parton Says: Mobile Roadie on Android Rocks”
Want to make your own app that’s all about you? What’s that? You have no programming experience? And some money to burn? There’s a service for that. Via Read Write Web

“Better Clock Released”
If you love Open Home or Better Keyboard, then you’re gonna love Better Clock. via Android UI

“Motorola Cliq Gets An Update, No 2.1 Just Yet”

I know, I know, I know. This is getting really old, really fast. Some update is better than no update, right? Via Android Spin

“Smartphone BOGO Starts Tomorrow?”
The details are still fuzzy, but we do know there will be some sort of Smartphone buy-one get-one deal going with T-Mobile, the number 1 name in Android carriers, very shortly. Via TmoNews

“HTC Legend to feature unique battery compartment”
Just when you thought the aesthetic glory that is the HTC Legend couldn’t get any sweeter, it does. Via Phone Arena

“Android growth kept pace with RIM in 2008-09, Gartner numbers show”
Android is still gaining steam with it’s share of the market. The numbers don’t lie. Via Android Central

Well, there ya have it folks. How does it feel to be caught up to speed? Be sure to keep checking back here with us at DroidDog for everything Android we can get out hands on.

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Dustin Earley