The Saturday Wrap: 02/20/10

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saturday-wrapWhat a week! Mobile World Congress in Barcelona proved to be the source of a ridiculous amount af Android announcements, demos, revelations and more. And since I don’t want to deprive DroidDog readers of any major stories, I’ll list absolutely as many as I can here while retaining the summary format that we follow on Saturdays. I wish I knew how to yodel…in text.

Phones and Gadgets

HTC announced the Legend and Desire – two Sense-equipped, lovely Androids running 2.1. You can see the official “first look” videos here. Both handsets are on pre-order status.

Sony Ericsson, who says they turned down Google’s offer to make the first G-Phone, put out a quick demo vid for devs of the X10 Mini and the X10 Mini Pro. Meanwhile, our old suspicions were pretty much confirmed that the X10 is likely to be heading to AT&T. Ma Bell also announced the Motorola Backflip (good time to mention the Cliq XT) which will sell alongside the Dell Mini 5, while Verizon’s Devour is already available at Best Buy for $150.

Other devices worth mentioning are the Pulse Mini, the ZTE Smooth, and the Samsung Halo.

Hacks, Mods, & Customization

This week’s hacks and mods were all about two things: The Nexus One and Desire. The Desire ROM is making its way into that hands of hackers around the world, and Carlos (who just got a Nexus) has a video review up. But before he flashed Sense, he went after a Kspec theme that looks really nice. Also see the OpenEclair update Carlos posted. Andrew Steffy has a hacked Nexus as well, and he over-clocked that badboy to 1.1 GHz. Me? I’m at the n00b end of the Android hacking spectrum. I installed the Sense keyboard and left everything else as-is.


Google released their Shopper app this week, and while it it’s infancy, the program is likely to put a few other apps out of business. I’ve seen an increase in the number of comparisons to WalMart in the last few months. We know that Flash and AIR are on their way, and Google is at work preparing for official support.

Other apps of note: Opera 10, FiOS remote, and official ebay.


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See ya

That does it for me folks. I’m diving head first into a much-needed weekend and don’t plan on turning up online before Tuesday. Until then, consider me “Gone Fishin’” (OK, not really, but you know what I mean.) Take care. Here are some other posts you should read:

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