The Saturday Wrap: 02/27/10

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While it probably won’t surprize any of you to learn that most Android users are male and that Android has a higher percentage of free apps than other mobile operating systems, this first bit of news might catch you off guard: Android is now outselling the iPhone in the midwest. I personally think that this indicates that 98% of the people living there already owned an iPhone before the date range included in the study, but it’s still interesting.

Hacks & Mods

For me, this week was all about hacking, as I finally took the plunge and rooted my Nexus (I actually typed G1 the first time around there. *backspace, backspace*). I made a video tutorial on how to take your N1 from stock to MoDaCo’s excellent Sense-equipped Alpha 10 Desire ROM. And just a reminder: If you want more than what’s covered in that last link, check out Carlos’ review of Alpha 6. I also made a video on flashing CyanogenMod 5.0.4 today, but I’m not sure it’s worth posting. I didn’t install the Google apps addon properly. I might reshoot it. Then again, maybe someone else will review it! CM has added multi-colored trackball notifications, customizable live wallpaper, and 360-degree rotation. I didn’t check all of the features when I flashed, but it sounds pretty sweet.

For those of you on Windows Mobile that want a taste of 2.1, check out this hack that allows you to test drive without losing your WinMo install.


For the rest of you Android lovers that don’t want to hack or can’t find a 2.1 ROM, good news: All US Androids are reportedly headed for 2.1, eventually. Let’s just hope none of you end up with the headaches the latest Cliq update brought with it.

Phones, Gadgets, Carriers, and Stuff

It was a pretty big week for leaks and rumors about upcoming phones, and HTC, once again, dominated the headlines. A VZW inventory list was leaked, featuring the Incredible (on video here), and we also heard the date March 23rd for Desire on Verizon. And we may have some info on that’s phones final destination with AT&T as well as that of Legend with Sprint.

Dell’s Mini 5 is headed for AT&T and expected to be the beginning of a family of products, and we just got some new specs. Noah took a bath with Moto’s Devour and the phone can be had for $99 (not the one he bathed with. That one’s $3.99). Acer’s Liquid is going to Rogers and Cricket will be embracing the green robot.

Ugh, there’s more? I’m ready for the next section. Magic+ brings Sense, Entourage Edge dual-screen does something else, and o2 grabs the X10.

App News

Canadians should be seeing paid apps very soon, but the best are almost always free. Google Earth has been released for Android, but only to those running 2.1. Boxee built a Wi-Fi remote for Android and Fennec seems to be inching its way towards release. Flash, BTW, is turning out to be quite the discerning software.

I’ve gotta run, but not without dropping one last link: Check out Alberto’s post on Google’s master plan.

Take care, folks. Have a great rest of your weekend!