Accessorize your kitchen with Ikan?

ikan-300x274Do you hate apps? Does their low price and strictly virtual footprint bring you down? Well, have a look-see at the Ikan grocery scanner doohickey! The idea is that you scan the bar code on empty packages before throwing them in the trash and the gadget builds a list that can be automatically sent to your phone on a regular basis or even straight to your grocer for home delivery or pick up (if you are one of the very lucky few whose grocer participates). Did I mention that it can recognize your voice? This thing replicates functions of the current generations of Androids. Makes sense, because this gadget also runs Android. So basically, it’s $400 worth of plastic that could be replaced by a $5 app. Don’t mean to be a cynical nay-sayer, but… come on.

As Android Guys points out, the $400 price tag is a bit daunting. And yes, this gadget would be at the absolute bottom of my financial priority list. However, it’s not the money that puts me off – it’s the lack of grocery store participation. I would absolutely love for my list to be checked off and delivered by my local market once every two weeks, and I think that luxury would be worth a $4oo initial investment. However, I would not bother spending 6 months lobbying the manager of said local grocery store to implement the Ikan system, and I’m guessing that’s what it would take to get them involved, if they would at all. I just clicked the “check available retailers” over at the Ikan Yahoo! store, and the result was a glaring read block of text notifying me that there are no retailers in my area who participate. The system also provides recipes and I’m sure coupons are in the mix but without local support, this thing is worthless to me.

The fact that I can scan my packages before tossing them is a huge bonus, and it would be great to have the list regularly sent to my phone, but I think I’ll just use the first $5.00 app in the market that can reference the bar codes of everything I purchase and put them in a list with prices. Recipes are free online and $400 buys me a lot of Vitamin Water and taco supplies.

Via Android Guys