Android-based home tablets by Archos announced

Archos 7Ready to see Android running on another Archos tablet? Good. Because, Archos has made an official announcement of its new tablets devices on March 1st.  Archos announced the Archos 7: a 7-inch display PMP tablet device. And the Archos 8: with an 8-inch display, functioning as a digital photo frame tablet, running Android OS and an ARM9 CPU. The 7 will be a home media tablet, much like the iPad, which can be used for listening to music, watching videos and surfing the net. The device will support 720p HD playback for a great video experience. The battery life is rated at 7 hours of video playback and 44 hours on music. Archos 7 will be available in 2GB and 8GB with the starting price of approximately $200 and expected to be released in April.

On the other hand, Archos 8 is more of a smart-digital photo frame tablet. This device too will be able to browse the net and supports video playback. This device will only come in 4GB model and priced at $200 which is likely to be available in May. So which one are you getting?

via CrunchGear

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