App(s) review: JuiceDefender & UltimateJuice

JuiceDefender_widgets48 hours of regular Nexus One use; always on, no charging. That’s what JuiceDefender (free) and its partner app, UltimateJuice (€2.79; $3.76 at the time of this writing) have done for me. JuiceDefender, on its own, is a great app. With it, you can set up a profile that will determine under what conditions your data connection will be active and for how long. For instance, the most simple setup is to schedule your APN to connect, say, for one minute, every 15 minutes. But there’s plenty more that can be done with this software from Latedroid. Perhaps you want cellular data to be disabled from 2:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Why not shut data down when your battery is down below 3% of capacity? Maybe you want these rules overridden when the screen is on so you can manually refresh your GMail. JuiceDefender can facilitate all of this and more for you. But if you really want to take advantage of the program’s full potential, you’ll need to install UltimateJuice, which is really just a premium app that unlocks JuiceDefender. With both installed, you can enable all of the same rules for Wi-Fi, plus disable the search for networks when you’re not near any networks. Sure, you could enable and disable Wi-Fi manually via the Power Control widget, but will you remember to? Really? I don’t, which is one of the functions that make this app such a great value for me.

Another great feature of these apps are the widgets, seen above. One shows you how much JuiceDefender has extended your battery life with a multiplier, and the other shows you how much battery life you have left, or, when plugged in, how much time left to charge completely. Tapping the former opens up JuiceDefender’s profile screen (bottom left), and tapping the latter opens up the theme supporting Plotter (bottom right): a chart of battery usage. It’s rare that I rave without qualifiers about any product, but I’m coming pretty close in writing about these two apps. There are times when I’ve wished that waking the screen would result in quicker connections, but when that happens, I’m being unreasonable. It takes a few seconds to join a network, and the occasional delay has nothing to do with JuiceDefender, as far as I know. Download the free app, try it out for a few minutes, and I think you’ll want the additional features of UltimateJuice right away. I did, and I’m more than happy with my purchase. I went from 16 hours of use to 48 with a Nexus One. Some of you are much heavier drainers than I am, using your phone as an MP3 throughout the day. But I’m confident that you’ll see significant improvement on your battery life with JuiceDefender, which is why I wholeheartedly recommend this killer, beta app.


Tested: March, 2010
App Versions: Juice Defender 1.2.3 beta, Ultimate Juice 1.1.0

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