Dell Aero a bit disappointing?

dell-aeroI haven’t personally held Dell’s Aero, so I can’t offer any comments of my own regarding the quality of the experience. However, Joshua Topolsky was allowed to test the phone that bloggers were allowed to handle (but not turn on) at CTIA, and he’s viewing Aero as a “glorified featurephone.” As you’ll see in the video below, the UI has been heavily modified and Engadget tells us that the system is packed with AT&T bloatware (big surprize). Of course software updates could turn things around a bit, possibly including what Topolsky calls “One of the worst implementations of a virtual keyboard.” Sounds like Dell is hopping into the American world of Android on the wrong foot. I want to bee rooting for Dell. I hope this is just a little bump in the road on the way to a great line of Androids. Video after the break:

Via Engadget

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