Dell’s Mini 3 is Aero, headed for AT&T

dell-aeroAfter all of the hubbub surrounding AT&T’s handling of the Motorola Backflip, one would hope that the company’s next Android would signal a more complete and up-to-date experience for consumers, but I’m not holding my breath. It seems that contracts and beef between industry beasts are often more significant in the way things shake out than consumer loyalties and preferences. I suppose that would explain *cautious* anticipation felt throughout the ANdroid blogosphere in regards to Dell’s Aero, previously known as the Mini 3. Not much is known about this phone right now, except that it is headed for Ma Bell, and that it looks pretty.

AT&T has posted Dell’s first American Android over at their Facebook page, where they tout a custom UI designed by Dell and AT&T. The UI looks nice in the press photos, but those don’t depict any animated carrier logos or Yahoo! integration.

Via Engadget

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