Dell’s Mini 5 (Streak) gets more interesting by the day

I have to admit that Dell’s Mini 5 has been more of a curiosity to me than a potential wish list contender. It looks really nice, has a glorious 5″ WVGA screen and a 5MP cam, but who wants to lug that thing around in their pocket? It can’t be comfortable, and that makes it an unlikely purchase or recommendation for me. However, Dell’s bulky gadget just gained a few points in my eyes.

Not only will the Mini 5 (referred to internally as Streak) be shipping in a multitude of colors, but is on board, providing Kindle “book reader” applications, Amazon MP3, streaming video, and the Amazon Store. I’m still not sure I would this it for my daily use phone, but it would be cool to have around the house. Check out the slides that are the source of this information, posted by Engadget :



Via Engadget

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