DivX support coming to HTC Desire

The yet-to-be-released HTC Desire seems to have some tricks up its sleeve. Desire is one of the most highly anticipated devices since the launch of Nexus One. And the lovely Sense UI on top of already beautiful Android 2.1 – Eclair – is just like the extra toppings on the the…eclair. Now, we are finding that it will feature internal tasty treat as yet unknown, and one of them is DivX support.

According to Mobile Tech World, they had some hands-on time with the Desire at a local showing of HTC’s Desire, Legend, and HD2 mini. As far as the physical device and UI were concerned, no recent changes were readily apparent. However, a small mention of DivX support did pop up. Though the support for 720p encoding was yet to be clarified, we know that, in future updates Desire will get a DivX support on the device. Because the support was not going to be available by launch date, they pushed it back to be included via update.  So, when is this device coming out? We are not sure yet. And when it does, it will be a must have device that anyone would want to get their gadget loving hands on.

via  AndroidCommunity

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