DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway!

EDIT: The winner has been contacted and has responded so this one is over, folks. Stay tuned for the next one!

It’s been too long since I gave a phone away! So here we go with another rooted G1, this one running the SuperD ROM. Of course, the whole point of these giveaways is to provide a hack toy for someone who doesn’t want to risk their own phone, can’t afford one, or wants to add number 37 to their hacking collection. So do whatever you want with it. There are tons of ROMs and recoveries out there.

Entries will be accepted between 03/26/10 and 04/15/10.

What’s different about this giveaway is that I’ll ship the phone anywhere: it doesn’t matter what country you are in (read the rules and regulations, folks). I will also provide an unlock code if the winner wants one.

Hint: simply reading and following the rules after the break will give you significant advantage over a vast majority of visitors!

Check it out:

HOW TO ENTER – ONLY BETWEEN MARCH 26th, 2010, and APRIL 15th, 2010:

1.) Send the following tweet, exactly as shown:

RT @PhoneDog_John Win a hacked G1 from DroidDog! http://bit.ly/bmkYtI || RT and comment to win! #DDSuperD

2.) Comment on this post (below) by logging in with the same Twitter account. Say whatever you like but links require moderation.

YOU MUST DO THIS BETWEEN MARCH 26th, 2010, and APRIL 15th, 2010! THAT’S IT!

Rules, regulations, and junk like that:

I will choose and contact a winner on the 04/15/10. They will have 24 hours to get back to me. If they don’t, I’ll choose another. By entering, the winner agrees to provide me with a photo of their face, which will be posted on DroidDog.com when I announce the results of the giveaway. I will also share their first name, last initial, and city of residence. Don’t enter if you can’t agree to this.

I will ship to anyplace on Earth but once the phone leaves my hands, I am relieved of all responsibility. This is a giveaway, so the item will be described as a gift if the winner is from another country. However, if there are fees, taxes, significant delays, etc., that’s your business. I will cover shipping with the standard insurance, that’s it.

No one at DroidDog, PhoneDog, or anyone else can be held liable for any hassles, bodily injury, financial loss, or any other undesirable outcomes this giveaway may result in for you. No scams, lawsuits, or other shenanigans will be considered valid. By entering yourself in the giveaway, you agree not to do anything ridiculous. Void where prohibited, local laws are your responsibility.

If the comment system is unavailable, or you can’t enter for some other reason, then I’m sorry.

If it isn’t here, it isn’t a rule. Anyone who interprets that as an invitation to annoy me with loopholes will be disqualified.