DroidWars: Home Replacements – Q1, 2010

senseThis episode of DroidWars is all about Android home replacements. As usual, I’m just covering what I perceive to be the cream of the crop. Drop a line in the comments if you think I’ve missed something important. These apps completely change the behavior of your home screen(s) and allow you to use different kinds of widgets, free and commercial themes, extra settings and more. Overall, they broaden your customization choices and give you more control, which is always good.

Ever since I made that video tutorial on hacking your Nexus One, I’ve been running a MoDaCo Desire ROM with Sense. It’s still my home of choice, Sense. But I realize it’s not the best option for everyone. And since it’s not available legally, it isn’t eligible to win DroidWars. But not to worry, my chosen winner won’t be chosen by throwing darts at a list. I definitely had a favorite home replacement before my recent return to HTC’s luscious UI…

As I did with last week’s DroidWars on keyboard replacements, I’m labeling this installment, “Q1, 2010.” The Android Market is rapidly growing and changing, as is the catalog apps it contains. With so many phones available and different screen resolutions/versions of Android, developers of applications that modify or replace essential UI elements – such as the launcher or keyboard – are continually updating their code for compatibility and throwing in new features to stay ahead of the competition. So this is by no means meant to be an authoritative end-all be-all guide. It’s just my opinion of a current Market snapshot. I’ll provide the standard data: date/version tested, cost in the Market, developer, primary features, etc., along with my written opinion. Oh, and of course, screenshots.

Let’s get to it.
First App: dxTop

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