DroidWars: Home Replacements – Q1, 2010

App: Home++ beta by Intuitit

Price: Free

Features: Replacement of the notification bar with something far more powerful, animated widgets

Tested: 03/10/10, Nexus One | Version:

powerstripHome++ is another nimble home replacement and the first I know of that actually replaces the brilliant Android notification bar with something even better – the sliding Power Strip. Nearly all Power Strip icons can be long-pressed for a change in preferences and it’s ridiculous what you can do without leaving your home screen. It’s such a brilliant innovation that it makes you wonder how you lived without it before and why it hasn’t caught on with other apps…yet. The Strip gives you rapid access to your contacts, voice input, Internet, apps, standard notification bar (which can be removed from the homescreen), bookmarks, a list of running apps, silent mode, Wi-Fi settings, wireless & network settings, and battery use. No, not all of those buttons fit one one screen – you pull the Strip, which sits on the bottom, from right to left to reveal more options. It must be tried to be appreciated. Home++ also supports animated widgets, but I have yet to see any useful ones hit the Market. Let me know if I’m missing something.


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