DroidWars: Home Replacements – Q1, 2010

App: Open Home by Better Android

Price: $3.99

Features: Crazy number of themes, icon replacement, sliding drawers, on-screen phone button and battery meter, much more.

Tested: 03/13/10, Nexus One | Version: 4.5

Open Home is made by the same people that brought us Better Keyboard, and, unsuriprizingly, the devs placed just as much emphasis on theming in this application. And although the theming is absolutely sick, that’s not all this home replacement has to offer. Open Home lets you customize icons, text fonts & color, UI element skins, and other visual components of Android. It also saves space by providing little buttons – that don’t take up icon room – for initiating the dialer app, for searching, and so on. There is also a sliding drawer that can hold a long list of apps that can be scrolled through. Open Home also has options for rooted users, such as screenshot integration. This one even allows for a TouchWiz-esque cube rotation of your desktop, but you don’t need that, do you?

The Android Market is absolutely swamped with Open Home themes – to the point of annoyance. It’s difficult to sift through them all and separate the wheat from the chaff. However, many include Better Keyboard themes for an ultra tight, uniform look. It plays nice with aHome themes as well. Although OH has plenty to offer via an extensive settings menu, it’s primary allure is visual customization, so I’ll let some screen grabs do the rest of the talking for this app.



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