DroidWars: Home Replacements – Q1, 2010

App: Sweeter Home 2 Public Beta

Price: Free

Features: Absolute control: springboards, tabs, theme sharing, vertical swiping, insane options

Tested: 03/13/10, Nexus One | Version:2

I’m cheating a bit by putting Sweeter Home Preview 2 in this list because it’s not in the Market. You can download the app for Android versions 1.5, 1.6, and 2.0+ here. Only the old Preview 1 is in the Market, and while it’s a groundbreaking entry in the home replacement category, it’s outdated. Sweeter Home Beta 2 is, without a doubt, the most flexible, powerful, robust, sexy, and outrageously useful home replacement available for Android. The problem? There’s a pretty steep learning curve and it takes some serious work to get a custom theme set up to taste. The first incarnation was anything but plug and play, and while I saw its value, I had no idea how to properly harness and exploit the app’s raw power. Thankfully, version 2 comes with support for theme sharing, so you can benefit from the community’s hard work rather than taking a course in Sweeter Home yourself. Sweeter Home, to me, seems to be more about placing tools in the hands of hackers to see what they can come up with rather than pimping a polished little package in a tidy bow. I don’t know if, when, or how much they plan on charging for this app, but I’d say SH has greater monetary value than any of the other home replacements in this list. I have taken some screenshots (below the video) but lemonNZ from Sweeter Home can give you much better instruction on using the app than I:


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