DroidWars: Home Replacements – Q1, 2010

The Verdict:

And the winner is…


psThere may be fancier home replacements, and there are definitely more complicated home replacements, but I have yet to find (apart from Sense) one that I find so instantly usable and practically powerful as Home ++. If you have a Nexus One, this app is a must try. It’s free, anyway! And if you take the time to long-press each icon on that Power Strip, really understand what your options are and how to use them to your advantage, I think you’ll agree that some of the other home replacements start to look like window dressing. That could actually be said of Sense in the context I use it, but I am hooked on HTC’s lovely UI. However, if I hadn’t hacked my N1 and flashed a Desire ROM, I’d still be running Home++.

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