DroidWars: Keyboards – Q1, 2010

App: Better Keyboard by Better Android

Price: $2.99

Features: Nearly endless theming options, voice input, user dictionary.

Tested: 02/20/10, Nexus One | Version: 4.7

better-keyboard-portraitBetter Keyboard is a themer’s dream come true. If dressing up your computing devices is an obsession, there’s just no other keyboard replacement for you. There are so many skins for Better Keyboard in the Android Market that it can be difficult to find the app they were designed for. Integration with OpenHome and aHome also make this one the modder’s vkb of choice.

While it’s not my favorite in terms of the typing experience it offers, Better Keyboard has a slew of options to accommodate most users. Gestures, T9 and 1337 support, compact QWERTY mode, and voice input make this one of the more flexible keyboards available. It also features Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish dictionary support. Predictive text, suggestions, auto-complete, and haptic feedback are a few of the other goodies in the settings.


Better Keyboard is probably the most exciting app in this list…in text. When it comes to use, it just doesn’t fit my typing style. Your mileage may vary. Another downside to that open skinning framework is that there are mountains of garbage to sort through in order to get to the professional looking themes. This one isn’t for me, but it is popular, and for good reason.

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