DroidWars: Keyboards – Q1, 2010

App: SlideType by Alejandro Grijalba

Price: Free

Features: Odd reworking of pre-T9 multi-tap 10-key system. Makes you say, “huh?”

Tested: 02/20/10, Nexus One | Version: 0.3

slidetype-portrait There is no way I could list and review every app in a given category available for Android. So, I take what I consider to be the cream of the crop and pit them against one another. The other keyboard replacements in this list are what I consider to be the most usable, professional products. But in the case of SlideType, I’m listing it almost exclusively for the WTF? factor. I’m not saying it isn’t useful to anybody, and the app does function as described. But for me, personally, I can’t think of any reason to invoke the kb on a daily basis. It’s pretty much here for your amusement. And since it’s free, you might as well check it out.


How does it work? You tap the key assigned to the letter you want and drag your finger in the direction of the letter…then you release. This QWERTY combines traditional virtual keyboards with Swype’s dragging system and somehow manages to add a third step to the process of inputting a letter. Bizarre. I suppose this might be helpful for those with limited vision but with no voice input button, that doesn’t seem to be the target audience. I’m not sure who the target audience is, but the app is interesting enough for a nod.

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