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App: Television by BluMedialab

Price: $2.99

Features: Pre-recorded content from US, UK, Germany, France. Popular American networks.

Tested: 03/26/10, Nexus One | Version: 2.0.2

television-splashThe Television app has apparently been removed from the Apple App Store, but has achieved strong downloads (with mediocre ratings) since its launch in the Android Market. Its strong points are a clean, simple interface; great audio/image quality; and content from popular sources, including, CBS, Associated Press, NBC, National Geographic, The Onion News Network, and about 20 other brands.

Select segments are added daily (if only for one or two channels each day), and generally cover the most popular news items…or perhaps those deemed the most interesting by someone at Blu. The media comes in a variety of formats, from a variety of sources, and may play in your Android Media Player, YouTube, or seamlessly in the app itself. This isn’t a major detractor because the organization of the content is simple and allows for quick browsing. The casual viewer who just wants a couple of quick stories each day will likely be satisfied. But if you really get into watching tv on your phone, you’re probably going to outgrow this app within hours.

Television has a light stream of content and doesn’t have or require any kind of organization on the user’s part. You can’t save videos, favorite channels, or anything like that. The app simply presents you with a list of resources with a list of of content under each. Don’t expect five of the top news items from CBS, because you won’t find them. What bothers me most about the app is that the list of networks and shows must be viewed in portrait mode and the video must be viewed in landscape. This results in a hand dance that gets old quickly when you’re lying down, drifting off.

Television is a so-so app. I get the feeling that its modest popularity is due largely to a search friendly name, cute icon, and limited serious competition. But I’ve got to give props for the choice of content producers. ONN, FTW! (continued)



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