DroidWars: Television

App: TV.com by CBS.

Price: Free

Features: Free epsiodes from popular networks and online sources, nice interface, personal feed and faves.

Tested: 03/26/10, Nexus One | Version: 1.1

tv-landscapeTV.com addresses my chief complants with Television: all selection menues work in landscape or portrait modes, all content plays within the app, the interface is clean but not oversimplified, and I’ve got plenty of options for saving favorites, viewing feeds of my top shows, changing the sort method of programming, and searching for content. TV.com did a fantastic job designing the layout of this program.

But wait, there’s more. About 50% of the time I tap a video thumbnail, I get audio with a white screen. So, you know…that’s a drag. Do I need to install something? A codec? A plugin? The app doesn’t have a help screen. It seems to me to have something to with a shoddy implementation of video ads, which sometimes results a continuous loop of commercials. At least TV.com makes up for the white screen glitch with great content. I’ve watched full episodes of Family Ties, Twilight Zone, and YES, TWIN PEAKS! Not to mention the Movie Trailers tab and StupidVideos.com content. TV.com is everything I want it to be, when it plays video. I would gladly pay $5 for this app and recommend you do the same if the playback issue were resolved. Until then, I’ll just say that it’s good enough to try for free. The devs do have a great jumping off point. I just hope this one hasn’t been forgotten.




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