DroidWars: Television

The Verdict:

And the winner is…

In terms of content, nothing I’ve found can hold a candle next to SPB TV. It’s like having a dish subscription with only a few local channels and a very good international plan. And when compared to the international programming I’ve seen on some American dish networks, the quality is actually pretty close. I would gladly sacrifice (what I consider to be) silly features like picture-in-picture for the interface and organizational options of TV.com, but I’ll take tons of content with no additional advertizing over TV.com’s offerings any day. You may disagree. With a tag of $9.95, I think Market shoppers might need a little motivation to give SPB a try, and I’ve been happy enough with the experience to say that it’s worth the cost. I do hope to see interface improvements down the line.

Do you disagree with my choice of winner? Did I leave out a killer app? Let me know in the comments.

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