DroidWars: Twitter clients – Q1, 2010

App: Twicca BETA, by R246Design

Price: Free

Features: Practical widget, color labels, quick and robust options for selected tweet, light weight.

Tested: 03/19/10, Nexus One | Version: 0.6.4


twicca_tweet-selectedThe first time I launched Twicca, the characteristic I found most appealing was the smooth, simple interface. The qualities that generally make an app feel light, like snappiness, smooth scrolling/navigation, and freedom from extraneous menues and options are immediately evident in Twicca, and the developer, very wisely, chose a graphical style that lends itself to that lightness. There are no 3D glossy bars or fancy icons to increase the perceived “weight” of Twicca. Backgrounds are plain, divisions are clean, color markers are discrete, attractive, and functional. I have yet to experience any kind of Twicca fatigue.

The hyper simplified navigation panel, which consists of small, two-color icons that rest on a transparent bar at the bottom of the screen, give you almost all of the nav options you could hope for. Though, I would like to be able to jump from @replies to DMs or to the timeline without hitting menu first. I’m still not sure why those links are missing on a screen with just two navigation buttons, but other than that deficiency, I’ve never found myself wishing for a more complicated UI.

Twicca’s color labeling system is simple to manage via the long (yet not superfluous) menu that pops up when you tap another’s tweet. It’s also an effective and sensible method of organizing the people you follow into groups. I like to use one color for friends, another for work acquaintances, another for news, etc. It would be nice if the color assignments were stored on a server somewhere so that they could correspond to lists and/or be accessed through other clients (Twicca Desktop?) on my computer. Then again, the light simplicity of Twicca is what makes it so great.

One of the latest features, and possibly most appealing to new users, is the Twicca widget, which Carlos recently reviewed. It doesn’t display any information or allow you to tweet from your homescreen. It’s simply a row of buttons for jumping straight to a particular screen in the Twicca app. It’s far more useful than it may first appear. Let me tell you, once I installed it, I found it to be one of the most frequently tapped elements in my home screens. Twicca supports geo-tagging, media attachments, RTs, and more.


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