DroidWars: Twitter clients – Q1, 2010

App: Touiteur Premium, by LevelUp Studio

Price: €1.99 (approx. $2.69)

Features: Killer drop-down update panel, fun animations, customizable, lovely widget

Tested: 03/19/10, Nexus One | Version: 1.0


touiteur_drop-downAt its default settings, Touiteur is just a bit busy, visually, for my tastes. But tinker around with the theming options and this app can look pretty slick. However, if you like loud and funky, it’s prepared for that as well. Touiteur, while a capable and flexible client, is centered around some very attractive UI elements. Those most obvious of these is the drop-down notification bar like panel, which you use for sending new tweets. Tapping the “tweets” button causes a text bubble to spring into place, and then hitting “new tweet” bounces the drop-down panel into view. It’s functional, beautiful, and fun. Makes sense, considering that Touiteur is by the same team that brought us Beautiful Widgets.

While there is heavy emphasis on the aesthetics of Touiteur, some important features are in place that make this Twitter app the only choice for some users. The ability to post and follow from multiple accounts (with filters), change audio and LED notifications, URL shortening service integration (check bit.ly stats on your mobile links!), and photo resizing and posting are invaluable features for those that become dependent upon them. Not to mention that Touiteur can save your place when closed.

The striped background used for tweets where I am mentioned makes my reply tab a bit nauseating, and I would like to see more customization options. Some of us want that list as clean and plain as can be.


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