DroidWars: Twitter clients – Q1, 2010

App: TweetCaster Pro, by Handmark

Price: $4.99

Features: Multiple accounts, customization, landscape support, threaded DMs, URL previews.

Tested: 03/19/10, Nexus One | Version:1.1

tweetcaster_listtweetcaster_menuThe only difference I’m aware of between the free TweetCaster and the $4.99 Pro version is that the latter is without ad support. It’s worth the five for me to clean up my screen, especially considering the visual appeal of TweetCaster. This app, this company, is all about design. The mascot is cute, the buttons are attractive, and virtually every graphic element of the app has a little dash of flare that you won’t find in most of the apps I’m listing here. Handmark has some nifty ideas and tosses in features that I doubt anyone else would even consider. For instance, when I go to compose a new tweet, there’s an eye button that drops a panel halfway down the screen so I can look at my timeline when composing. This button is available in all tweets, but seems most appropriate in replies and DMs, when you might want to check back on the message that inspired you to write a response.

TweetCaster is full of these unique little takes on rare and common options alike. And while I don’t understand the thinking behind all of them – like the ability view the real names of your contacts in your followers/following lists but not in the timeline(?) – I’m glad the alternative is out there. TweetCaster allows for some simple light/dark theming, and that’s enough. Either you like the aesthetics of the app or you don’t, and I think that will be the determining factor in whether or not you’ll want it to be your default Twitter app. Offline tweet caching, integrated RTs, and favorite/list management make this cute little package the favorite of many a Android blogger.

Check out a written review by Justin Hubbard and a video review by Carlos Graves.


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