DSP’s multimedia home phone

DSP-android-multimedia-handsetDo you like the idea of a home phone that controls your t.v., security system, and lights? It would be cool if that phone also offered VoIP via your home network Wi-Fi and could stream music to your headphones, right? It would be even cooler if it ran Android, looked hot, and if had a touch screen positioned on the back side of the device. Well, here’s another concept product that is likely to slip away in the breeze but it meets the criteria for awesomeness above, and what a lovely embodiment of awesomeness it is. DSP is beginning to talk about a product they call…

the first Google AndroidTM-based multimedia handset for the home. Equipped with a user-friendly touch screen and virtual keyboard, the advanced handset delivers an affordable smart phone experience to home subscribers. The next evolution in home phones, the handset opens the door to a range of typical connected applications – from Web browsing, email and widgets to Web radio, Picasa and YouTube uploading – and home-specific applications including:

Universal remote control and interactive TV controller
Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA) client for local streaming
Home automation and monitoring
Storage manager

As my source points out, the images provided by the company depict a multimedia handset running HTC’s Sense. So, not only are we almost certainly looking at renders but the product probably doesn’t exist outside of a few conversations with potential investors. You can read up on the idea by taking a look at DSP’s website or by downloading a PDF here. In addition to the home phone, the DSP group is offering a reference design for an Android tablet.

Via Androinica

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