EVO to launch in late May? Uh, nope!

UPDATE: I was wrong. The author of the post I was skeptical about, which was submitted to me as a story for this website, has returned to remind me of this post and to gloat just a bit. But what can I say? He called it (see comments).

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htc-evo-4g-01-topMobileBlab is reporting that a personal friend and reliable source who works with the folks in Sprint HQ has called a late May release for Sprint’s WiMAX Android, EVO.

Engadget authoritatively gave us the “Summer” window, which officially begins on June 21st. Oh, and Sprint’s official EVO website agrees. So, take this for what it is: a rumor that, while tantalizing, probably won’t hold for long. I’m a bit surprized we haven’t heard anything more specific from CTIA, but I’m guessing the details will shake out in the next month or so.

Check out PhoneDog’s CTIA demo of EVO after the break:

Video via PhoneDog, rumor from MobileBlab

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