ExZeus Arcade brings killer gaming to the Android touchscreen

onlineI love owning a phone with so few hardware buttons. In terms of daily use, my N1′s power button, volume rocker, clickable trackball (plus four touch sensitive back, menu, home, and search keys), are more than enough for me to get by. I could probably eliminate one or two of those and function without hassle. However, I don’t don’t play complex games on a regular basis – mostly because I rarely have the time to kill but also because, in those rare moments I do end up gaming, I’ve transitioned from 2D fighters and racing games to the simplest, easiest to play, tap-here-tap-there kind of games. This transition began when I purchased my Nexus One. Some of you may recall my third video from the Nexus Questions and Requests series, where I tested out some console emulators. Gameplay was possible, but not all that much fun. Multi-touch wasn’t effectively employed, and It’s difficult to be enveloped by a virtual world when you’re struggling to engage the most basic control system in this one….

I’m glad to say that developers are attacking this weakness in the Android Market with a vengeance, and that an all-touch game can be just as immersive as one requiring dedicated buttons…perhaps more so. Today I purchased the HyperDevbox game ExZeus for ¥350 (between $3.50 and $4.00 USD) and I am loving it. The 3G graphics are great and the accelerometer-based navigation is responsive and intuitive. Tap where I want to target, and stuff blows up. The sound is rich, the colors stunning, and I feel like I’m playing a modernized N64. Of course, this environment doesn’t come without a hefty download, and after installing the app, you’ll be prompted to dl an additional 57 MB of data. The use of your storage space is well worth the fun though, and this game is already in my top 5 for Android – if only for the graphics and sound. This one is only fir the newer Android: Droid, Nexus, Milestone. Check out a video from the developer:

Be sure to check out Engadget’s post on ExZeus and the state of Android gaming.

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