For many devs, Android is still a dilemma

It’s rare that you’ll hear a software developer say anything negative about the Android platform itself. Finding a coder who will rave about what Google is doing and the implications of their mobile OS is much more common. But when it comes to running a successful app business, iPhone is still the place to be – at least for the programmers that have made a name, and bundle of cash, for themselves in the Apple App Store.

Jeff Smith is one of these success stories. His company, Smule, produced two of the App Store’s ten top sellers in 2009, and has sold 4 million apps to date. Despite making a huge chunk of change from sales and securing over $13 mil in VC, Smule doesn’t feel that reaching in to the Android realm is a safe endeavor. Fragmentation, the requirement of starting a new division and training…For Jeff, Android is more trouble than it’s worth. While I recognize that Smule is a business and that profitability determines direction, I can’t help but wonder what new ground could be broken on the Android front by such a competent mobile app publisher with such seemingly vast resources. Video after the break:

Via Android Central