Is Bravo headed for T-Mo US?

bravoYou know that killer, Sense-powered sister to the Nexus One that has been confirmed by virtually every carrier across the pond but not by a one over here? I’m talking about Desire, and that it does inspire. Had I the time or the sign of an inkling, I’d write a poem for that twinkling screen upon which my fingers (multiple, true) could dance and twirl and bring such joy to my eyes and uh… What was I saying? Oh, that it probably won’t be called Desire when it does launch over here, and that has my source wondering about the validity of the following claims. Then again, the people he’s talking to might understand the connection and could just be using the more widely accepted brand. Who knows?

Andrew Kameka over at Androinica has word that T-Mobile managers around the country have been briefed on, and spent some hands on time with, a large touch screen Android phone. Andrew did what he could to check multiple sources. He’s classifying it as a rumor, but it is tantalizing, No? That’s the kind of news that leads to re-upping when a man is almost out of contract!

Via Androinica

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