More details on Motorola’s i1

motorola-i1- newer

While we already know (or so we hope we know) quite a few specs on the i1, things keep coming out of the woodwork. Just a few days ago we found out that the name may be changing from the Opus One to the i1, and today we find out that it just may release with a 5MP camera, not 3MP, and ship with Opera Mini as the default browser. First off, who doesn’t want a better camera on their device. Second off, well… I don’t know what to say about Opera Mini being made the default browser. Confession alert, I have spent just about zero time using Opera Mini. I hear very good things, so this may be just the push I needed to give it a shot. There are plenty of handset manufacturers who choose not to use their own companies browser, and it hasn’t really steered them wrong yet. Android is starting to become a bridge for companies to exercise their freedom of choice within their OS. Just look at Swype. I guarantee this is only the beginning. Now that more info is floating to the surface, we expect to start seeing some solid specs anytime now. I bet you just can’t wait to hear “WHERE U AT?” ring out from an Android device in a grocery store near you, right?

Via Engadget

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