Moto Backflip Hands On


Looks like Engadget has their hands on a brand spankin’ new Motorola Backflip, AT&T branded, and the verdict isn’t great. Just about everything you would want to see in a hands on review is in there, including how AT&T has decided to make the default search for everything is Yahoo!… I honestly don’t even know what to say here, this may be a rant for another day. Other than that, everything is pretty standard. It’s not the best android to date, but it has it’s moments (no pun intended). Check out the Via link for pictures and a video. I know there is still a few AT&T customers who are waiting for a 3G enabled Android device before they make the commitment. Is this the one to do it? Or is rumors of the Nexus coming to AT&T and the Mini 5 enough to make you wait it out?

Via Engadget

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