Motorola’s “HS1001″ Android

Motorola has piqued the interest of Android fans both in the US and across the pond with the rumor buzz of a new Android device.  Android faithfuls: don’t crack out the bubble just yet…

The device, with the “roll-off-your-tongue” name HS1001, is for “home use.”   A closer look reveals that a more suitable description might be “Android lite: Home Edition.”  That’s because while it does run the Android OS and have a touch screen, it has no Android Market.  The device will provide internet access to check email and browse the web via wi-fi while the DECT 6.0 protocol will power voice connectivity (hence the home use label).

So, will this new addition to the Android space be the new sensation, only time shall tell.  However, it may be a fun trip to watch.

Motorola HS1001

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