Nexus One battery replacements $25 from Google

nexus-batteryI’ve had a decent experience with the battery life on my Nexus One. If I plug it in at night, I’ll be good for the next day. But some of of you are heavier users than I am, cranking the MP3s and relying on the phone to navigate your wandering butt around all day. For you, and for me if I forget to charge one night, a spare battery can be a lifesaver. I’ve purchased extended batteries in the past – you know, those big honkers that require an extra deep battery cover and increase the weight of your phone by 300%. They’re unwieldy, often short-lived, and totally expensive. So for Google to be selling 1400 mAh replacements at $25 is a great thing. They are limiting each customer to 5 units.

Via Google and everyone on Twitter

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