No multi-touch for X10

x10Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 has been taking a bit of a beating in tech blogs lately for various reasons, the primary one being that the software doesn’t seem to have improved all that much since an ill conceived luncheon presser in New York that left virtually all attendees wondering why on Earth they were allowed to test a phone so far from being ready for consumer release. While the launch seemed far away at the moment, it’s right on top of us now (at least for UK readers), and it’s a bit disappointing to tap a key on the virtual QWERTY to see it change colors but not register, or to tap around the homescreen with no reaction for a few seconds and then have the wrong item selected. We are told that these issues will be resolved – that software updates will address the problems. I certainly hope so, because it would be a damn shame for a company like Sony Ericsson – who is known for elegant hard and software – to watch a flagship sink on their maiden Android voyage.

One thing that will not be improved upon, however, is the phone’s lack of multi-touch support. The hardware just doesn’t support it. This isn’t such terrible news, really. There are a lot of great devices out there lacking multi-touch. But it has become one of those features that Android fanatics look for the second they learn of a new device. For that reason, the X10 will come out of the gate an underdog in their eyes. Not to mention that it ships with Android 1.6. I think a lot of you would agree with me in saying that it’s a bit late in the game to be selling Donuts – at least at full price with an eye on being a serious competitor.

I, like many of you, was very excited for the X10. The physical design is distinguished and sexy, the user experience (UI, or UX) is beautiful, and most of the specs are quite impressive. Considering Sony Ericsson’s reputation, I think we were right to anticipate the phone as a potential front runner – possibly even a game changer. And though it still has massive potential (pending a software update) I kind of get the feeling that one more bit of bad news might drag this thing out of the heavyweight ring altogether. This is a bad thing in my mind, because SE clearly went to great lengths to make the X10 stand out in the Android race and to offer us the very best phone they could. The camera is killer; the Nexus UX is aesthetically pleasing and assisted by brilliant, exclusive apps; and the body of the phone is an object of lust. But it seems to me that some poor choices were made in the screen department. We can’t even get a straight answer on how many colors it supports. I’ve heard three different answers from reputable sources.

Rikard Skogberg of Sony Ericsson had this to say to Slash Gear:

“I don’t have any technical details around the screen to share, sorry! – However I have now gotten confirmation on the question of multi touch. As said earlier there’s no multitouch in X10 – and I also can confirm that it’s not only related to SW but also to HW. Despite this, for future updates of X10 we are of course working on other solutions for e.g. zooming, which has been requested frequently on this blog, such has the solution demoed on X10 mini”

I hope the updates come soon, and I hope they are complete, because I really want to love this phone. Right now, I’m on the fence. I will be posting an overall review, camera samples, and sore question and request videos this week. Stay tuned.

Via Slash Gear

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