Opera Mini 5 Review

opera_logoI wrote an article recently talking about how the new Motorola i1 was rumored to have Opera Mini as the default browser and that got me to thinking. If Opera is the biggest mobile browser, then surely I have used it. So why don’t I remember? I read quite a bit on how it is extremely lite, fast, good looking, and very functional. I have never been a big fan of the default Android browser and I don’t like Dolphin either. I was ready to give Opera Mini a go. Right when I heard about the Mini 5 Beta being released for Android, I did just that. Here’s what I found out…

Installation and loading


The first time you install Opera Mini 5 you will notice it takes a second to start. The browser has to install (again?) and then load. After your initial use, the install bar never shows again, but every time after that you will still see that loading bar. It slightly annoyed me at first until I used the default browser again. The default browser takes forever to load and when it finally does, it loads Google. When Opera loads, it goes to a start page that I find more useful than any search engine could ever dream to be.