Slingbox Mobile for Android, coming soon

slingboxAre you a television junkie and an Android addict? There are some apps in the Android Market designed to quench your particular thirst, but the networks, shows, and quality of content they provide is fairly limited and often inconsistent. Other mobile platforms have access to Slingbox apps that allow the control and streaming of live television at home from anywhere in the world. And just one month after releasing a 3G-capable version of the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch, Sling Media’s website now allows Android users to subscribe for email notifications about progress regarding an Android client. No word on cost just yet but the iPhone app runs $29.99. The cheapest Slingbox – used to control your DVR, cable/satellite box and rebroadcast the signal online – is $179.99, so you’re in over $200 before you can watch Eastbound and Down in the Applebee’s restroom, but for some of you, it’s worth it. Slingbox also offers products that allow you to sling to other televisions, and the multiple applications make the splurge easier to justify. For a video introduction to Slingbox, click here.

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