Sony Ericsson unboxes the X10

SE X10Sony Ericsson’s X10 looks almost too good to be true on paper – aside from the version of Android it ships with, 1.6. With a Gig of internal storage, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4″ 480 x 854 screen, and SE’s Nexus UX (I hope they rename this), it is certainly set to hang with the top Androids on the market. However, when I got to play with one in a private meeting at CES, I was disappointed by a non-responsive screen that felt cheap and even plasticy. Then again, those were running 1.5 and the units out on the show floor, which I did not see, were running 1.6 and inspired a positive reaction from everyone I spoke with about them. Time will tell. I hope I’m wrong about the lackluster touch screen. Looks like I may have called one detail pretty early on though. Video after the break…

Via PhoneDog

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