Sony Ericsson X10 entirely subsidized by T-Mobile UK

UPDATE: HTC’s Desire is also free on a similar contract, but with 1200 minutes!

While we still don’t have any details on the American release, we know exactly what customers will be paying to get their hands on the phone on T-Mobile across the pond: nothing. That is, on a two-year contract at £35.00 a month ($currently around $52) for 900 minutes and 500 texts, the phone is included. That’s a comforting price point. Considering what SE handsets usually run, I’ve been a bit worried about the X10. I realize I’m running pre-release software, but I just couldn’t see justification for the numbers people have been tossing around, generally between $800 and $900. OUCH! Perhaps this is an indication of what to expect stateside.


Via T-Mobile UK

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